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Habitat for Humanity Involvement


One of our biggest community partners is Habitat for Humanity in each one of our markets.

We make being involved one of our core values within our company. Not only are we a hands-on partner with Habitat for Humanity, we also are involved in many other aspects throughout the community to help educate the community on the work that they do.


Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Roofing is our gig, community is our jam! That’s not just a cute catch phrase—it explains it all. We love our roofing business and we would like to think we do it better than anyone because we have an underlying passion for helping others. It is what sets us apart in our industry. This belief was validated by receiving the prestigious Better Business Bureau Integrity Award for 2018.

Dedication to Customers and the Community


Xcel Roofing has community at the roots of the company. We are extremely proud of our commitment to the people and businesses that we support throughout the Omaha community. We feel very fortunate to have made a difference in the lives of many different families and organizations we have been members of and continue to make that the passion and heartbeat of our company.

Our design as a philanthropic company has allowed us to participate with some of the most admired charities in the world: Habitat for Humanity, Owens Corning’s Roof Deployment Project for veterans, Nebraska Humane Society, American Red Cross, Alzheimer’s Association Nebraska Chapter, The Salvation Army, and many others.

Team Oriented


All our project managers, employees and even suppliers and vendors have contributed to story after story of helping others on a personal level. Our company allocates financial resources that can be shared by our team to match contributions to whatever cause they are most passionate about.


Each year that allocation is available to them, and it gets used! As Co-owner Matt Preister said, “This approach teaches our team what is like to be a giver and to aid others when life has been unusually harsh.” From human life to animal care, Xcel is ready, excited and willing to help.

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