Meet Shawn O’Keefe


Shawn O’Keefe

Exterior Specialist
Office: 605-377-6555

My name is Shawn O’Keefe and I am a Exterior Specialist at Xcel Roofing covering the Sioux Falls, Sioux City and Lincoln Nebraska markets. I am originally from Tucson Arizona where I went to Desert View High School. I guess I must love the extreme in temperatures moving from Arizona to Nebraska where I attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln and majored in Political Science and minoring in Philosophy.

Growing up the oldest of six kids, Shawn will tell you that family is his number one priority. 

Shawn’s Dad, being an Engineer and Astronomer became his biggest influencer in his life teaching him the virtues of patience, and appreciation for the vastness and beauty of the universe.

Learning the real estate business brought Shawn to a deep understanding of what homeowners deal with before, during and after a sale. Along with this experience and his need for working with people to help their short and long term goals, Project Management is the perfect fit for Shawn. He loves owning his own business with the support of Xcel and with this support he is able to promote not only his non-profit organizations, but also those of his clients as well.

He is an expert in both residential and commercial roofing systems including; asphalt (Owens Corning Duration is his favorite asphalt product), DaVinci, metal systems, EPDM, PVC and MOD BIT  among others. In addition to roofing, Shawn also specializes in window replacement (including Pella), siding replacement (metal, vinyl, fiber cement), gutter replacement, door replacement (including garage doors) as well as many other contracting needs.  He consistently attends training seminars and continuing education classes to keep up to date on new products, trends and to reinforce the basic principles that deliver a high quality product and exceptional service to his customers.

Along with Xcel Roofing, Shawn places a very high value on customer service.  In his eyes a happy, satisfied customer is the ultimate goal when trying to obtain, schedule and complete a project.  From signing the contract, to completing a project communication is key! Letting a home owner know when materials will be delivered, when the project is scheduled to start and finally completed are a few examples.  Roofing is a messy business, keeping a customers property as clean as possible during a roof installation (along with the neighbors) is a top priority. And when a project is completed, he makes sure the property is just as clean (or cleaner) than when Xcel arrived.   Shawn is not perfect, so owning up to and correcting mistakes is another value he holds himself to.

Shawn believes in giving back to the communities he works in.  For example, Xcel Roofing partners with Habitat for Humanity in all of our markets.  Shawn has managed many Habitat projects and finds them to be the most rewarding of all the work he does.  In addition, he enjoys attending networking events and working with other local businesses. Shawn also partners with many local real estate agents, helping families buy and sell their homes faster and with less stress when repairs are needed.  

If Shawn was able to pick his favorite restaurant he would have to say, “Anything Mexican”! In his free time, Shawn enjoys reading, physical fitness and travel.  If you enjoyed the movie Good Fellas, then you and Shawn will get along just fine. “If you are looking for an unassuming, humble and honest guy then Shawn is your man”. Matt- Shawn’s friend

“Success is never owned, it is rented and the rent is due every day.”  Rory Vaden


Stacy S

Shawn was extremely helpful. He answered all of my questions and walked through the entire process with me. He kept me informed of when the work would be completed. I would recommend Xcel Roofing to anyone needing any roof work done or needing their entire roof and/or gutters replaced. Thanks Shawn! -  Stacy S.