Meet Rex Schroder


Rex Schroder

Attic Ventilation and Insulation Specialist
Direct: 402-670-0336

Meet our Attic Ventilation and Insulation Specialist, Rex Schroeder! 

I was raised in Palmyra, NE where I still reside. Being a life-long resident, I feel my relationships in the community are strong as my family has deep roots there. My parents and grandparents have lived in Palmyra as well all their lives. They had a family farm outside of our town, and that is where I learned the value of hard work and integrity. My dad farmed and worked locally at the same time for the co-op. He is now retired and has fun with my mom traveling and woodworking. My mom always taught me respect. Respect for my elders, respect for my community and how to be a good father to my son. I have been with the Palmyra Volunteer Fire Department for 25 years; where I spent 7 years as Chief. I have had the pleasure and honor of serving our community in this role and meeting so many great people. 

I am a proud father to a great son. His love for sports mimics what his good ole Dad grew up doing. I played sports growing up and now he has the same passion as he plays football, baseball and basketball. You will probably see me at his games either with a proud smile on my face or yelling in support in the stands. 

My most influential person in my life was my Grand Daddy. He also lived in Palmyra and took me fishing while teaching me the value of patience and good storytelling. I will never forget those special times of he and I spending hours fishing and laughing at his great stories. “If you work harder than others, you will have things others will not”. My Granddaddy used to tell me and I use that every day! 

I worked at Nebraska Building Products in Lincoln and this began my love for attic efficiency. The reason I am passionate about insulation and ventilation is because I have witnessed many homeowners that have saved money in utility bills and making their homes more comfortable year-round. I noticed that the roofing industry does not have many experts in this category, and I have a passion to share my experience and expertise with businesses and consumers to help them save money and remain comfortable in the winter and summer months. 

I gained more experience in the field working in this field for over 10 years. I have stories to tell, even falling on a customer’s Mercedes! Let me tell you, there is not a lot of room to move around in your attic. Be careful as you may end up on your kitchen table. I have learned to not have a fear of bats and bring my tennis racket to avoid contact. 

Even though I am retired from the Fire Department, I will always hold dear leadership, confidence and the ability to trust a team of people to care for our community collaboratively.  

I am just a country guy; I love hunting and fishing. I have a great garden and love cooking, they call me “Chef Boy Are Rex”!  Ask anyone who worked with me at the Fire Department about my chili. I have a secret chili recipe… You better have a lot of water around with my chili! I would go up against anyone in a chili cook-off. Any takers? 


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