Meet Matt Collins


Matt Collins

Project Manager
Direct: 816-849-4035

Matt Collins comes from the quaint and laid-back town of Chesterton, Indiana.  He grew up shooting hoops and running around on his parents’ small farm with his sister. While his parents raised him in a quiet setting, they made sure to have him explore cities like Chicago on the weekends.  It was important for him to have a good balance in life, and fitting in some of that big city culture was part of it. Being raised by a proud steel worker and educator he developed a sense of pride in working hard and becoming a lifelong learner.  

Matt graduated high school from Portage Christian and earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management from Valparaiso University.

Matt has spent his career in a variety of fields including sales, insurance, public adjusting and the solar industry.  Taking care of the community he lives in and caring for the environment are some of his core values as a professional. His coworkers and teammates describe him as a passionate person that loves to laugh and is the type of person you can always depend on.

Matt married his wife, Melissa, in 2014, and has been navigating the greatest journey called life with her since then.  He enjoys a variety of cuisine from the all-American steak and potatoes to Thai food. He is always up for trying a new dish, and never turns down a home cooked meal!


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