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Lina Romero

Project Manager
Direct: 402-714-5337

Meet our Rockstar Project Manager Lina Romero. Lina was born in New York and raised in the San Fernando Valley outside of Los Angeles.  This is where her love for the San Francisco 49ers began and she is a die-hard fan today! Lina has spent the last 10 years traveling around the United States charming us all at event trade shows selling medical equipment to the public and pain management to therapists.

She has a passion for helping people which shows as she developed herself from a Sales Representative to a Sales Trainer. It was important to Lina to share her compassion for people in her career and her success in the industry followed her naturally. Therefore, her transition to Xcel Roofing was such a natural fit for her. When researching companies for a career change, Lina wasn’t looking for the industry of roofing, she was looking for a company of people who cared for people and community.  

Xcel’s family was the perfect fit for her passion of helping people. She is taking her resiliency and entrepreneurism to the next level. She is tenacious, industrious and adequately equipped to prevail in her business with Xcel and will take that into your home and project she manages for you. Time management and communication are both skills that every project needs and deserves, and with her experience Lina will bring that and more.

Lina has 3 children for whom her world has always revolved around raising them as a single parent. She is the youngest of five children and having her mother being the ultimate role model for her as her father died when she was 5. Lina’s mother was her biggest influence and taught her the skills of being strong and independent while raising her in the church and teaching her the strength of faith. Her love for music started in the church choir and follows her today.  A day at the spa and pampering is always a welcomed time and one that she claims is important to fill one’s bucket back up! Lina’s passion and motivation every single day is her family and that inspires her to give 100% to all that she does.

The exterior and roofing industry tends to be a male dominant industry, but Lina, being Xcel’s only current woman Project Manager is determined to change that perception very soon. She is not afraid to climb on a roof and give her best to every client with her knowledge and experience, but she also is not afraid to remain who she is as well. Her positivity is contagious along with her smile that brightens up any room. Lina is fluent in English and Spanish which makes her an asset to any company along with her business-driven mind.

Since family comes first to Lina, your family and your home will become Lina’s priority as well. This is just who she is.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work - Colin Powell



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