Meet Justin Rybin


Justin Rybin

Exterior Specialist
Office: 402-345-9235

I grew up in Papillion and attended Papillion/La Vista highschool where I still remain involved in alumni groups. I still have family that lives in the Omaha area.

I worked for Celebrity Homes where I learned my contractor skills and the trade of home building. This was a great opportunity for me to learn all trades, from stretching carpet to drywall to repairing exterior and insulation for home construction.

This led me to working for a remodeling and decking company for over 10 years. I helped them build the business from the ground up and learned so much as I never missed a day of work. I developed a good work ethic and discovered that I wanted to own my business from this experience.

I have owned my own construction contracting and remodeling business since 2008. I have had the pleasure of building relationships and referrals. My perfectionism has paid off over the years. I am known for the quality and craftsmanship of my industry.

Having my own business also taught me the importance of quality exterior work. I look for a company that operates off the same integrity I use to run my own business. My dad is my mentor. My family owns plumbing and heating company. My dad was a plumbing inspector for over 20 years and that taught him work ethic, loyalty and discipline.

My work speaks for itself. Roofing is important because there are so many people getting ripped off. Everyone owns a roof, without a roof there is no house. There is so much detail work that most contractors don't see or implement. I love protecting not just the home with a great roof, but also protecting the families under the roof by working with a quality company and contractor.

I felt I could make a difference in the way the industry is looked at. The roofing industry definitely needs reputable companies and people that are as good as the work. Xcel being in the business for 30 years helped me to decide where to go next. They value their BBB relationship and their integrity award. There is so much that can go wrong with construction, it is important to work with the best.