Meet Ian Smith


Ian Smith

Exterior Specialist
Office: 402-345-9235

I was born in St Paul Minnesota and moved to Atlanta Georgia when I was a mere 2 years old! Growing up a sweet Southern boy, I learned the value of manners and the importance of having a great fishing pole. I attended Bethel University in Minnesota studying Youth Ministry and Business. 

Living in both Georgia and Minnesota taught me the importance of relationships with all kinds of people and the value of spending time getting to know them. I take this with me in every home I go into and appreciate the opportunity to get to know new families every day. I am very easy going and a very hard worker due to my wrestling background. Looking forward to Nebraska Cornhusker football games this fall and hopefully meeting your family soon! By the way, Omaha Steaks happens to be one of my favorite meals…..just sayin!!!


James Baller

They did great work and an excellent crew! Awesome working with Ian. Did good job explaining everything!

Santa and Merry Christmas Claus

From the first encounter with your sales staff to the roofers themselves, all the way to the final payment, everyone was completely professional, very kind and helpful and even went out of their way to ensure I was more than satisfied with their work and their service.  The manners were above reproach, the work they did was perfect.  They wanted to make sure I was kept informed of what they were doing and where everything stood without disturbing me. 

The delivery people (not the roofing company but a separate company) made a small dent in my gutter when they were delivering the shingles.  I was informed by Ian that they would get this repaired immediately.  Ian assured me that there would be no payment made by me until the work was completed to my satisfaction.  This included the gutter repair.  Ian came today, almost a week after the gutter repairs were completed and got up on the roof to make sure everything was done properly and trimmed a couple of places so it was "prettier" from the street.  It was not anything I could see, but he saw it from the street and pointed it out to me.  Talk about service after the sale! 

Thanks, Xcel, you are all definitely at the top of our Nice List.