Meet Guy Rudloff


Guy Rudloff

Exterior Specialist
Office: 402-345-9235

Guy Rudloff is probably a person that you have met or seen around Omaha at one time or another. He loves Omaha and gets involved. Guy is a Nebraska native who graduated from UNO and spread his wings to live in Kansas City and Chicago. 

Living in the windy city for almost two decades he worked in the media which fueled his passion for charitable organizations. Guy gained the friendship of many during his time in Chicago and has maintained those friends with visits back home frequently. When his mother became ill Guy found his way back to Omaha to help care for his mother.

My life inspiration is my late mother Beverly. She taught me about tireless work ethic and showed me through her never-ending love for her family being a single mother that commitment to family is and should always be your top priority. My mom never made excuses and always made time in her life for others. She gave back to the community and loved others in so many ways. I think this is where I got my love for people and non-profits. I miss her every day and hope that she is proud that I carry her mission on.

Guy’s love for people has always followed his career path. He has worked in print, radio, cable and several digital media companies. He owns a marketing company that specializes in Media Buying, Event Planning and Social Media. Because of his great hard work ethic, Guy was looking for the perfect company that would align with his passion for the community and focus on the customer. He met with the owners of Xcel and knew that this was the perfect synergy of his career path. He had known about the company’s tremendous reputation for years. “I joined because I believe in their commitment to community, quality workmanship and supporting their employees. They are growing rapidly and responsibly by implementing state of the art technology and immersive training program. I wanted to be part of this growth, it is very exciting.

If you don’t find Guy networking around Omaha, your will find him enjoying traveling with his beautiful, long-time girlfriend Laura. Speaking fondly of Laura he smiles and says with a twinkle that she is funny and much smarter than he is! He has been fortunate enough to travel to Europe, Greece, Africa, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Central America. If you enjoy sporting events you may also see Guy and Laura at a local game. His current total is 61 College and Professional arenas that he has visited and counting.

Guy is passionate about supporting multiple charities in the area including the Nebraska Humane Society, Ronald McDonald House, Special Olympics and several Disaster Relief organizations. Every year he tends to grow a little (he tries) of facial hair as he is a big supporter of the Annual Mustaches for Kids Campaign. He has also been nominated for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society Man of the Year Campaign. Guy throws just as much passion into his customer service for Xcel as he does everything else.

If you follow Guy on any social media channel you will find that I end every post with my beloved cat Portman. And so will my bio, nice to meet you!


Teresa A

I cannot say enough great things about this company. We first used them to replace the roof on a home we were selling. The price was great and the work was done so fast and so well, in no time the house sold and we moved on. Recently I called them to our new home and Guy came right over. I was afraid we would be in for a new roof again, but after the free inspection and a little caulking, we were told we were in good shape. How wonderful it is to have someone honest enough to give you the truth and customer friendly enough to fix a small issue for free. I will always call this company for my repair needs. 

L Stevens

Our home along with many in the neighborhood was impacted by the hailstorm in May. The Xcel Roofing Company and specifically Project Manager Guy Rudloff performed professionally, thoroughly and expeditiously to address the damage. Guy was persistent and patient in providing the documentation required by our insurance company. The work was done in a quality manner. I would recommend Xcel and Guy Rudloff to anyone seeking roofing services

S Kirby

Guy Rudloff & Xcel Roofing for doing a fantastic job installing my new roof. Guy carefully explained the process and worked closely with my insurance. He communicated with me the entire time. He went above and beyond to finish my roof ahead of schedule. I highly recommend Guy and Xcel. 

E Kangas

Guy Rudloff was amazing to work with. He communicated consistenly throughout the process and took care of everything with the insurance company. He even supplemented my claim to get additional items covered by insurance. Xcel did a great job on my new roof, gutter and window replacement.

I would absolutely recommend Guy Rudloff (402) 915-0614 and Xcel Roofing to anyone who wants a local company who does quality work and takes great care of their customers.