Meet Bob Henry


Bob Henry

General Manager
Office: 417-705-1220

Meet our Xcelent General Manager, Bob Henry!

I am thrilled to meet you and would like to introduce you to my family.  I am married to the lovely Shar whom I have been married to for 43 years. We have been blessed to have raised two sons Jeremy and Justin, both of Brookfield, MO. They have in turn blessed us with 5 grandchildren; 4 girls and one boy. As you can imagine, this keeps us very busy! My oldest son has his own construction company called Destiny Restoration and my youngest son is a Pastor of Brookfield Assembly. We have lived in the Ozark community for over 10 years and attend the Oak Grove Assembly Church. We are both graduates of Missouri State University and continue to cheer on Boomer the Bear and our team! We love to travel to Northern Missouri spending time with family.

Safe-Haven Now is the name of the charity both my wife and I share our hearts, time and talents with as Board Members near Springfield, Mo. We take donations of food and clothing to low-income families and run a food pantry and thrift store. We now have two locations in Fordland and Rogersville, Mo. If you would like more information about this non-profit so close to my heart please contact me, I would love to share. Or please visit their website

You might be asking yourself why such a nice family guy that donates much of his time to a non-profit end up at a roofing company? I have been in the construction business of some sort most of my adult life and built my own home in 1978. I owned and sold Henry Construction in the St. Louis market and received National recognition from William Shatters Heartbeat of America program and ABC News in 2005. We are currently building our retirement home on 3 ½ acres on the Finley River between Rogersville and Fordland, Mo.; however, retirement is far off for me as I am too passionate about what I am currently doing and as my wife keeps telling me, “You are too ornery to be home all the time”!

I love building teams because I have learned in my career that to be truly successful, you have to be great at relationships, a true mentor and teacher and have a compassionate heart for people in your community. I have built close-knit teams by working individually with each team member to help them not only professionally, but also personally as they tend to flow into each other often. I like to add people into my team that have positive attitudes and have a “glass always full” outlook.

My biggest inspiration growing up was my grandfather PaulBeck. He had a farm in Texas and taught me great work ethic and integrity. In a time where inclusiveness was not the thing to do during the years of the Depression, he showed me that it was important to respect everyone and regardless of what the situation, to give back to the community.  I live by the Golden Rule as I can get what I want in life if I help enough other people get what they want out of life.


Inspirational quote -  You can achieve everything you want in life as long as you help enough other people achieve their Goals. Thanks 

Zig Ziglar