Should you consider a metal roof

Are you considering buying a metal roof for your home? When you are looking to replace your roof, there are many options available to homeowners to choose from like asphalt, wood and tile. However, our metal roofing Sioux Falls SD experts encourage homeowners to consider switching to a metal material. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with every roofing material option, so it's important to know your priorities.

Below we explore how metal roofing is superior to other roofing options.

1. Life span

Metal roofing can last for 40-70 years. It seals out water, sheds snow and it can withstand high winds. It’s also resistant to insects, rot, mildew and fire damage. This makes it a more durable material than other options like asphalt shingles which typically only last 20-30 years. 

2. Installation

Metal roofing material is incredibly lightweight, which can save you money if you are building onto your house and adding an addition to your roof. Being lightweight can also help to make sure that your home is structurally able to hold it and be stable. Metal roof materials also come in larger sections, making it quick to install for our metal roofing Sioux Falls SD experts. 

3. Resistant to elements

Metal roofs are noncombustible, and usually have a Class A fire rating, which is the most fire-resistant rating. Your metal roof may even save you money on air-conditioning since it reflects harmful and hot UV rays from the sun. If the panels are installed over dense foam insulation, you can save even more money on heating and cooling, making it a favorite of our metal roofing Sioux Falls SD experts. 

Because of how the metal panels interlock, metal roofing resists rain and snow and typically encourages snowmelt due to the slippery surface and darker tones of the roof.

4.  Cost

Metal roofing is generally more expensive per square foot, but because of the long-term durability, you may ultimately save money in the long run if you plan on staying in the home. If you do plan on moving, however, you may not see a return on your investment. Another way that a metal roof saves you money is on their energy efficiency qualities. Those with a metal roof tend to spend less money on their utility bills. 

5.  Noise

Many people believe that rain or hail can be loud when bouncing off a metal roof. However, there are materials that create a barrier to minimize the sound, in fact with enough insulation materials, your metal roof will be as loud (or as quiet) as any other roof! 

6. Denting

Metal roofs are not dent proof, but they are not any more prone to denting and damage than any other material roof. Metal roofs can dent if large objects, such as hail, fall on them, but your asphalt shingles take a beating during hail storms too. Talk to our metal roofing Sioux Falls SD experts to learn more. 

A metal roof can be a great investment but be sure to discuss it thoroughly with one of our contractors! Give us a call or fill out the form below to get started.


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