How Damaged gutters affect the condition of your roof

Your home's downspouts and gutters work tirelessly throughout the year to funnel snow and rainwater away from your roof and house. This makes gutters a vital part of your roofing system since it protects your roof, your home's exterior, your basement and your foundation.

That makes it essential to maintain the state of your gutters in order to improve the longevity and performance of your roof. Any damage to your gutters can hasten the wear and tear of your roof and adversely affect its functionality.

Our gutter specialist Sioux Falls contractor explains how your gutters can affect the condition of your roof.

1. Water seepage

Most gutters are open channels, meaning high winds can blow away debris and branches into them. This causes clogging that prevents water from freely flowing in your gutters. The water overflows with time spilling onto your foundation and basement and ultimately leaking into your home. This is especially true anytime there is a severe storm in the area and it abundantly rains. 

Additionally, the extra weight on your gutters damages your roof and the sagging can cause it to pull away from its attachment points to your house. It's wise to remove gutter clogs as soon as you notice them, to avoid any structural damage. Our gutters Sioux Falls experts recommend clearing out your gutters twice a year to help avoid these problems. They also recommend installing gutter guards that can catch and keep out larger debris from clogging your gutters. 

2. Faulty hardware

The hardware holding your gutters may begin to rust and corrode over time, causing the gutters to become loose. Improperly installed gutters and incorrect placement of gutter fastening systems can also cause your gutters to sag.

This issue puts the lower area of your roof at risk of damage from extreme weather conditions since it makes it vulnerable. This can cause your soffit and fascia to develop mold and deteriorate. If you notice any part of your gutter system sagging, call one of our gutters Sioux Falls experts to repair and replace them.

3. Ice damming

While ice damming does not pose a serious danger to homes during summer, our gutter specialist Sioux Falls contractor says its best to stay in the practice of preventing them all year long. Since Sioux Falls is a snow prone area, ice damming is more likely to happen, causing ice ridges to form at the lower part of your roof. This ice causes a significant threat to your home's roofing system since it adds more weight than your roof can bear. It also puts your roof's shingles in a prolonged high-moisture state, contributing to moisture leakage in your home.

Ways to prevent ice dams that can benefit homeowners year-round include cleaning out your gutter system and checking to make sure you have adequate ventilation. Ventilation will help during winter and summer months to make sure that fresh air is getting circulated within your home and improving your energy efficiency. 

Gutter repair Sioux Falls

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