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Loving The Sioux Falls Community


Sioux Falls, home to our Xcel office in South Dakota is also blocks away from the waterfalls of the Big Sioux River and remains a very popular local landmark and tourist attraction.

We love seeing all the pink quartzite and appreciate all of the vision and love of the community.

Whether you are looking for family fun and adventure or relaxing at an amazing restaurant with award winning Chefs, Sioux Falls offers it all for its families.

Explore the great outdoors with our bike trails and Kayaking down the Big Sioux River.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota is rapidly growing to become the city of prosperity and quality of life for everyone from business owners to families.



A tornado struck Sioux Falls, South Dakota, late Tuesday September 10th, 2019, causing significant damage to around 37 buildings and power losses to thousands of households and businesses, officials said. The twister struck around 11:30 p.m., according to the National Weather Service, reaching winds of 100 miles per hour.

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We pride ourselves in our relationship with each of our clients. Hear it for yourself!

John M

Xcel Roofing and Jayce Baxter did an excellent job of taking care of our roof repair. Jayce always kept us up to date on on every step of the procedure and was on the job from start to finish. I can't say enough about how I appreciate working with someone who obviously cares about his clients! I would not hesitate to give Jayce and Xcel Roofing a recommendation to anyone that needs help with a roofing project. I heartily give them a five star review. (and I rarely ever give five star reviews) but in this case it was well deserved.

Teresa A

I cannot say enough great things about this company. We first used them to replace the roof on a home we were selling. The price was great and the work was done so fast and so well, in no time the house sold and we moved on. Recently I called them to our new home and Guy came right over. I was afraid we would be in for a new roof again, but after the free inspection and a little caulking, we were told we were in good shape. How wonderful it is to have someone honest enough to give you the truth and customer friendly enough to fix a small issue for free. I will always call this company for my repair needs.