It’s a more than nine-thousand, five-hundred and fifty mile journey to travel from Phoenix to Tanzania. Xcel Roofing of Phoenix's very own Greg Homer will be making this journey alongside an amazing 89-year-old woman, Anne Lorimor, to climb the tallest free-standing mountain in the world.

Anne climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in July of 2015 at the age of 85. During the climb, she gained the record of being the oldest woman to climb the 19,342-foot mountain! In 2019, Anne will climb the highest peak in Africa again at the age of 89! If the journey is a success, Anne will become the world’s oldest person to complete the hike.

Who is Anne Lorimor?

Anne Lorimor is an Arizona woman who isn't letting age stop her from helping others and conquering world records. During the Great Depression, Anne’s family had economic problems. At one point they were homeless and living in the back of a truck that had a shed on top of it. Anne’s family didn't have any running water, electricity and, at times, enough food to eat. Anne remembers all the kind people who helped her family during this intense time of need.

She particularly remembers her second-grade teacher who saw potential and paid for her to go to a boarding school in California. She excelled in her education and earned two bachelor's degrees, two master's degrees and a Ph.D. in communications.

Anne has always been trying to make a difference in people's lives. She taught at universities, advised students, and even has taught English in Spain. Anne has also worked in the health field inspecting homes and children

What are her foundations?

Anne’s passion for helping those in need has led her to become the speaker and founder of Creating Exciting Futures, this organization falls under the umbrella of Arizona Community Foundation. This foundation aims to help children and youth who are at risk.

She also founded the Lormior Children Empowerment Foundation  in 2016. Lormior wants to show at-risk kids that they have options. With tools and leadership, she teaches them how to love and enjoy life all while teaching these children that they can give back to others.

Why is Anne climbing the mountain?

How do you get people's attention? By doing something that people would find insane. For example, an 89-year-old woman climbing the tallest peak in Africa. Sounds crazy right?

Anne is hoping to raise money during this climb to help even more kids in her foundation.

Anne is raising awareness of underserved children and youth that are struggling with life. By expanding her education and mentoring program, she wants the help youth navigate through their whole life. Anne wants to make sure they have the confidence to choose any career they choose.

Here at Xcel Roofing of Phoenix, we are incredibly proud of Greg’s decision to not only train with Anne, but climb Mount Kilimanjaro next to her. Our goal is to help raise awareness and funds to support Anne’s mission of helping at-risk youth. If you’d like to help Anne accomplish her mission, consider making a donation to Xcel's GoFundMe page.

Continue to follow our journey! 


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