Which roofing material is the best for your home?


Before choosing a material for your roof, you want to think about the roof itself, as well as the architecture of your home. It’s also important to understand the pros and cons that come with each material....


Picking a roof color


Your roof is something you want to last a long time, and so it is important to make sure you get a color that you are going to like for the next 20 years! 


Things to consider when getting a roof replacement


There are a lot of things that homeowners need to consider when they think about a roof replacement. Most of the time, a roof replacement is necessary to keep your home and loved ones safe, but it can be...


UPDATED: Tile vs. shingle roofs


Have you ever stopped and thought about what kind of roof your home should have? Here in Arizona, we have a different type of roofs that work best with the extreme temperatures. That is why the roofing company Phoenix...


UPDATED: What you need to ask a roofing company before hiring them?


Here's what you should be asking roofing companies before you hire them.


Signs your asphalt roof might be failing


sphalt shingles on average last less time than a tile roof, and if your roof has shingles, you’ll more than likely have to replace them in your lifetime. 

There are some warning signs that...


Why you should make the switch to a tile roof


Now that monsoon season is over, you might find that your roof took a bigger hit than you imagined. Or maybe, you have asphalt shingles and 20 years have passed. Whether its storm damage, natural aging or something else that...


Choosing LoveOurRoof over others


We are the roofing professionals that you can trust with your home exterior. We want to assure homeowners that is not just something that we say or take lightly, it’s a core value that we exemplify day...


Skylight Pros and Cons


Skylights are opulent and add value to any home that has them. Our roofing company in Phoenix AZ installs skylights for any homeowner that is interested in having one. Before fully deciding whether to add a skylight to your...


The key to a healthy roof


You might know how to keep yourself healthy, but our roof damage Phoenix experts say that most people do not know how to keep their roof healthy.