What are your windows trying to tell you

Staring out of a window is a favorite pastime for workers and students alike. It provides a relaxing feeling to be able to look out at the clouds and nature. Not only that, but the natural light is a mood booster and preferred by most people in comparison to glaring fluorescent lights. A lot of benefits accompany windows, like adding market value to your home and energy efficiency. Our Pella windows Omaha installers say that windows can tell homeowners a lot about their house! So what are your windows trying to tell you? 

1. You’re energy bills are too high

The U.S. Department of Energy says that 25 percent of a homeowners energy bill is due to leaky or faulty windows. Leaky or faulty windows can happen for a lot of reasons like age, improper installation or not enough maintenance, and the consequences are unavoidable. The best thing that homeowners can do in response is to install windows that have Energy Star ratings. Our Pella windows Omaha installers say that Pella has partnered with Energy Star in 1999 to help homeowners make their homes more energy efficient. Pella not only meets the Energy Star requirements set for each state, but it exceeds it in some of them! 

2. Turn off your electricity

One of the main benefits of windows is all of the natural light that they provide. Especially when talking about skylights, which will add 30 percent more natural light than vertical windows that are on the sides of walls and are the same size. Natural light is a benefit because it can boost vitamin D for a homeowner. Skin absorbs vitamin D from the sun and can help prevent bone loss, reduce the risk for heart disease and various cancers. The affectionately named, “sunshine vitamin,”  does not discriminate against indoor or outside sunlight, as long as it comes into contact with your skin! So it is important to optimize your sunshine time where you can, and skylight installation can be the perfect way of doing that! 

3. Use a different material

Windows are diverse and can be made with different types of materials. Every home has different requirements and can benefit from the differences, so which type is right for you? Our Pella windows Omaha installers say that there are three main types and those are; wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. They all boast different main benefits, so depending on what your main focus is, that will help you decide what type is right for your home. 

Wood is probably the most beautiful option, and most diverse when it comes to interior and exterior designing. It can also be safeguarded against water damage with a special sealant and protection. Fiberglass is the most durable option, and its preferred in cities that experience extreme temperatures, like Omaha with it’s hot summers and freezing winters. FIberglass is extremely long-lasting and can avoid even damage from the UV rays. Vinyl is the perfect option for homeowners looking for something more low-maintenance without sacrificing energy efficiency. 

Your windows can be telling you quite a bit, so it is important not to ignore them! Let us help you figure out what they are saying by calling us or filling out the form below!


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