Renovation Trends

Sometimes you just get the urge to make a drastic change to your home. The interior design itch. It just doesn't seem to go away unless you scratch it! So you know that you want to change something about your home, but what should you pick? More than likely you have a home project list that is a mile long, so which one should you tackle first? Something to keep in mind that might make your decision easier is the trends that are popular in the home improvement market. Our roofing Omaha experts go over some of the more popular trends to keep an eye out for when planning your home improvement project. 

Going Green

It is no surprise that people and designers are moving towards a greener approach when it comes to home renovations. This is a dual trend because not only are indoor plants and kitchen herb gardens coming into popularity, but also the use of recycled material.  Sustainable materials can not only promise elegant beauty and quality products, but helps to avoid some of the negative environmental consequences of remodeling. 

Our roofing Omaha experts have seen this approach with customers who buy more environmentally friendly siding. Fiber-cement siding from James Hardie, or wood siding from LP are both sustainable and made with recyclable material and great for customers looking to go greener. Wood siding is also great because when a homeowner is done with their siding and is looking to get it replaced, our contractors can recycle it. This is a great trend because going greener is not something that you are going to regret in six months. 

Light Wood 

Say goodbye to your mahogany desk, cherry cabinets and dark-stained wood floors! Light wood is in, especially light wood floors. Lighter wood can help to create an airy and open space, creating the illusion of a more spacious room. Lighter wood is also better at reflecting light— turning a more casual room into one of luxury. 

However, this trend does not hold up without an abundance of natural light. Our roofing Omaha experts love this trend most when it is accompanied by a window enhancement. Big windows in the kitchen, dining room or any living space is bound to brighten any room and illuminate new light wood floors to the extent they were made for. Not only do windows help show off your new floors, but they also help you go greener too by consuming less electricity! 

Colorful Everything

You no longer have to hold back, color is in! While it used to be more popular as a minimalistic approach and clean lines with lots of white and other neutral colors, homeowners now want to express their style and personality with a more vibrant strategy. 

This colorful tactic can be shown in all sorts of places. Our roofing Omaha experts say that even your roof can be colorful! There is no reason to stick with the standard brown or grey shingles when getting a roof replacement. Of course homeowners will still want to match the rest of their exterior, but there are fun shingle colors like green or tri-colored shingles that can showcase your personality more than grey. 

Make sure that your home’s exterior is just as up-to-date and on trend as your interior. We can help with any home project ideas you have or home improvement plans! Contact us or fill out the form below!


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