Xcel Roofing is proud to offer LP Siding, a company who  is a global leader in engineered wood products! 

LP prides itself on being a supplier of quality products and also on being a quality employer. Some of their highest priorities are delivering siding that has advanced durability for a longer lasting curb appeal and also employer safety and wellness. Another high priority for LP is innovation. That’s why they have taken their first and best-selling product (Oriented Strand Board) and since transformed it and improved it into five different categories. Not only are they improving their products but they are developing new ones too! Making sure that they offer products that are water resistant, fireproof, and tougher than the more traditional wood siding. 

Designed to Impress

One of the most impressive things that our siding Omaha experts love about LP siding is that their siding is truly built to last. Their siding features a SmartGuard ® protection process that helps to protect their siding against hail, wind, moisture, and decay due to fungi or pests. They back up their claim to durability with one of the best warranties on the market! 

They have many different products, designs and colors that will fit any style home. LP wants to make your curb appeal the most important aspect of your home. Curb appeal is the general attractiveness of your home’s exterior, from the landscaping to the roof. The curb appeal of your home can affect the value of your home, and buyers willingness to put in an offer on your house. That’s what LP keeps in mind when creating siding that will enhance any home. 

LP also makes their boards a lighter weight and makes them longer than most other siding planks and that makes it easier for our siding Omaha experts to work with. Not only that but contractors are able to install the products quicker than others and get the job done in a more efficient manner. Workers have also been known to use less seams and in turn create less waste on the job site. 

Wood Siding

What LP is known for is their wood siding. Wood siding is a classic beauty that has graced the sides of many homes throughout the years. The number one advantage of cedar wood siding is the aesthetic appeal. It is a beautiful and elegant choice. However, a lot of people are intimidated by using wood for their siding! 

Wood siding can be intimidating because people believe that it will become moldy, eaten by termites and dilapidated, costing them more money to replace the siding. Not only that but they have to paint it and clean it more than other siding options. However, LP siding offers a 50 year warranty so consumers can trust that their siding is going to last a long time. They also engage in a manufacturing process that makes them more resistant to decay and helps to prevent termite damage. LP siding is fade resistant, so homeowners will have to paint every so often, but it might not be as much as they fear. Being able to paint and repaint will also allow homeowners to more easily follow the trends of siding and create a brand new exterior whenever they want. 

Xcel roofing is such a fan of LP siding, that we used it in building a home for a well-deserving family during Habitat for Humanity’s Blitz event! During this event we helped build a home for Gattuoy Diang, his wife and six children. We volunteered our services to help install the new roof and the LP siding! 

Our siding Omaha experts love getting to use their skill and knowledge as a contractor to be able to install siding like LP’s. It makes a home beautiful and we are happy to be able to offer it to all of our customers. If you are looking at getting new siding, do not hesitate to give our office a call or fill out the form below!