“Well, we didn’t expect that storm, now what?!”

Our professional team hears this often as storms hit us at times we are less prepared for. Xcel has you covered!

We understand that emergencies occur unexpectedly and maybe saving for that rainy day might not have included a new roof. But waiting to replace that roof or repairing your exterior just can’t happen and can compromise the structural integrity of your family’s home. We care not only for the exterior of your home, but also for the family that lives inside that home. That is Xcel Roofing has chosen and are proud to work with two leading, nationally licensed and recognized sales financing companies for all your exterior project needs. Sometimes a simple small payment seems much more manageable and we are here to present you with every possible option to help you make smart financial decisions when it comes to home improvement.

With insurance deductibles rising, homeowners are looking at options for financing before making that final decision on their exterior repairs. Some low monthly payments may even offset the energy savings.  Xcel would like to be your partner and walk with you on that journey, we are here to help you explore options.

From asphalt shingles to tile roofs, we ask you for the opportunity to repair or replace your roofing system and exterior repairs. Together we will explore your options as a team, from repair to complete replacement, in order to find a solution that meets your needs and your budget. Contact one of our professional project managers and rest assured that your exterior home repair is done with the love it deserves with the plan that allows your budget to breathe!

Xcel can offer through these plans*:

  • A Deferred Payment Plan
  • Same as Cash Payment Plan
  • No interest, no payment for 6 months
  • Low monthly payments
  • Interest Free financing

*Plans vary on offerings

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