Is Vinyl siding right for me?

Vinyl siding is low maintenance, attractive cladding product available in the market today. It's used to cover your home and comes in different colors and appearances including boards and shingles. The roof replacement Omaha experts say that it is easy to clean and doesn't require painting. 

Why is siding important?

When homeowners replace their siding, their curb appeal improves! It is one of the first things that people walking by your home will notice. Siding helps protect your home from the harsh outside elements. We can make your home look cohesive, by matching your roof, gutters and siding

The roof replacement Omaha experts suggest that if you experience cold winters, like in Omaha adding a layer of insulation can be beneficial to keeping your home warm and protected. 

Winter is on the way, so it is imperative that homeowners make sure their roof, siding and gutters are in the best shape in order to keep them warm during these cold months. 

Vinyl siding is less expensive when compared to other options; however, the downfall of vinyl siding is that it is also susceptible to damage such as holes or cracks. In addition to exterior damage, it can cause interior damage by allowing water to build up behind the siding. The space between your wall and siding panel makes it more vulnerable to damage from outside weather, like hail. 

Many contractors use insulated vinyl siding that has a foam backer to act as a shock absorber against impact. Unfortunately, if your home has standard vinyl siding and has some damage, repairing it is the best option to avoid further structural damage.

Vinyl siding repair

The roof replacement Omaha experts suggest that you hire a professional to repair your siding because they have the skill, knowledge and tools required to perform quality work.

A professional will inspect your whole home for any damages. They know where to look for cracks, discoloration, missing or faded siding panels. Homeowners should know that the areas most likely to be damaged are exterior walls, corners and base of their exterior walls.

If you are not sure if your siding needs to be repaired or replaced, the roof replacement Omaha experts share these four tips that all homeowners should know. 

  1. Regular maintenance on your home is good, but there is a thing as too much maintenance, it is usually a sign that your siding needs to be replaced. Ask yourself, have you had to constantly paint because the colors are fasting quickly? 

  2. If you can see rot on your home, call a professional immediately to ensure no further damages can occur. 

  3.  Missing siding is not normal, it may be caused by high winds and extreme temperatures. 

  4. Have you noticed any pests in your home? The pests are coming in because of the rot. This can cause large amounts of damage if not taken care of immediately. 

Xcel Roofing is a siding company that can help you with vinyl siding repair or replacements. Contact us today for quality vinyl siding repair.